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About this journal

This is the graphic journal of lily_sunshine. I chose to separate my regular journal from my graphic journal, because I thought that people interested in my creations might not be interested in my private life. I try to update this journal as much as I can, which means not really often. But I'll try to be more regular in the future.
Here, you'll find brushes and textures, mainly. But also icons, headers, wallpapers and tutorials when I'll be inspired to post them.

About the girl

Well, if you go take a look at my info at lily_sunshine, you'll have all the informations needed. But if you're too lazy... I'm a 26 year old woman who does webmastering for a living. It's also my passion and what I always wanted to do (at least since I've got an internet connection, which means since 1999). I use Photoshop in my job and also in my free time, because I love Photoshop. In my free time, I also like to go out to take photos (I'm currently waiting for my new camera, so expect lots of stock photos in the next few months.

A small list of programs I use on a daily basis:
- Photoshop
- Dreamweaver and the Notepad
- Flash
- Illustrator
And I think that's all...

Friending Policy

Feel free to add this journal to be sure to not miss any updates. I won't add you back though. But as all my posts here are public, that isn't really an issue, isn't it. You don't have to friend my personal journal, because I don't post anything "graphic" over there. Well, sometimes I do, but the graphics posted there are for my friends only.

Comments, Credits and hotlinking

Please, when you take something, or even if you don't, say something. That helps me to know what you like and what you don't and that also helps me to know what I'm going to post next. And it's always good to have some feedback. Positive or negative. Though, don't insult me, be polite and don't post anything you know that might create a drama. I hate that...
About the credit. It's a must. Not because I'm searching fame or whatever. Just because if you like my stuff, some people might like it too and that's always good for them to find the link that is going to direct them to my journal. I don't mind where you credit (though, for icons, I appreciate if you credit in keywords or comments), as long as it is obvious.
Hotlinking is a serious no-no. I don't have bandwith issue, that's true. But. Sometimes. I delete stuff I don't like anymore or move them to another server. If you're hotlinking, you'll have red X's... Not pretty.

Credits and Ressources

You can find a short list of the thing I use in my credits post over at my regular journal (here). But now, I have a tendancy to use only my own stuff in my creations.

About the layout

The header:
- Photos by Ellen Von Unwerth, found at foto_decadent
- Texture by me (can be found in the second set of this post)
- Brush by me (from this set)
- Pattern by me.

The layout itself: code by me only, based on The Boxer.


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